Monday, 1 October 2012

No Sew Christmas Elf Tutu

I have two little nieces who quite recently moved to Melbourne with my younger sister and her partner and they are as cute and adorable as a two year old and  an almost four year old can be.  As my tribe outgrew younger kids toys and crafts many years ago, it's a delight to have some little ones to make and buy for...and of course it's much quicker and takes less fabric to make things for little kids than big ones!

As Christmas is quickly approaching, I thought it would be lovely to make a funky elf style tutu skirt, that was a little bit edgier than the usual soft pastel colours that tutus are renowned for.

Level of Difficulty - Easy
Time - About an hour



Green and red tulle (I used plain red, and found a gorgeous spotty green tulle at Spotlight which I just love for this project, but feel free to use glitter tulle or plain tulle)
Elastic (I used quite wide elastic, to hold the weight of the tulle, but a long thick ribbon would work equally as well)
Measuring tape or ruler

To Fit 2-3 year old - Cut longer lengths and longer elastic if making for an older child or adult.

Cut a 55cm piece of wide elastic (approx 21 inches) and knot to form a circle.

The fabric strips need to be approx 40cm long (16 inches) so I cut the fabric to this length and then folded over several times, as per the photo below to make cutting easier.

Cut strips of tulle approximately 5cm wide if using soft tulle and 2.5cm wide if using stiff tulle.  My green spotted tulle was very soft, while the red tulle was quite stiff and 5cm wide strips of the red were too difficult to work with, so I cut them to half the width and used two strips of red to one strip of green when attaching to the elastic waist band.  If cutting 5cm strips you will need about 20-25 and for 2.5cm strips 40-50 if using two colourways.

To attach the strips to the skirt, fold the fabric strip in half widthways, hold the folded edge to the front of the  elastic, loop the ends of the fabric around the back of the elastic and pull through into the loop.  Continue adding the fabric strips until the elastic is completely covered.

 I was thinking of also adding some thin ribbon strips to this skirt, but I've decided to leave it as is.  As this is for a young child, I haven't added sequins (I never add embellishment that I think may be a choking hazard), but if it were a costume for a school age child, I think a little bit of sparkle is usually appreciated by the recipient.

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