Free Loom Knit Patterns

Disclaimer: We are all part of one big crafting community so please do not sell our patterns or claim them as your own. You are free to do what you wish with finished items but if you sell them online, please link back to us for pattern credit. Please use your own images if advertising an item for sale from our patterns. We are not expert pattern designers and believe knitting and crochet is a wonderful art form. Therefore, many of the ways we create things may not be according to established methods.

Happy Loom Knitting

Louise and Deb

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  1. So glad to find this site and some ideas for more loom knitting. It's been couple years since I've used my loom so will have to learn again. Will be great to have other ideas to use. I used to crochet but have arthritis in hands and wrist. I am left handed. My fingers are twisted and no feeling in finger tips. Also have nerve damage from an accident in right hand. I was so glad to find this way of doing some needle work. Made several scarves until was asked not to anymore. lol. I'd like to make something to help. Having hard time typing so will stop for tonight. Will save to find again to refer to. Happy New Year


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