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We are two sisters and their daughters, crafting together despite living on opposite sides of one wide  continent.


I live in the most isolated capital city in the world, Perth, Western Australia. The summer days are long and very hot but we have a relatively mild winter. Which is a shame really, as I love winter. It's a great excuse to wear all the knitted things that I spend my days making.

I have 2 children, both at University whom I have had limited success with in trying to get them to wear my knitted items. Despite this, like every Mum, I am very proud of both of them.

5 Things about Louise that are handy to know.

1. Will knit anywhere, anytime. First thing packed for any trip is always a knitting project.
2. Tries to run 9km a week (tries being a loose interpretation of what actually happens)
3. Works with Finances and Budgets all day so I know exactly how much my wool stash has cost me - and yes, I do budget for it.
4. I dream of an Escape to the Country where I can grow my own vegetables and have some chickens and fruit trees. I would like to add some Scottish Blackfaced sheep to the mix - but I am no good at animal husbandry.
5. Tries very, very hard to enjoy cooking. Some days I succeed, others I don't and some days I don't even try.


I'm fortunate to live in one of the world's most liveable cities, Melbourne Australia. Even though I grew up in the country, I knew deep down inside a city dweller lurked just waiting for a chance to show herself.

I have three children, aged between twelve and seventeen, who fill my days with love, laughter, stress and a disappearing bank account...and I wouldn't have it any other way.

5 things about Deb that are handy to know:

1. I love lists. If you ask nicely, I could probably write you a list of all of the lists I write.
2. I have an intense dislike of musical theatre. I put this down to a childhood spent side stage (and unfortunately sometimes on stage) with our local repertory club.
3. My idea of take-away food is delicious fresh Chinese dumplings and my favourite time of the year is Nectarine season.
4. You will never find me in a hot air balloon. My family have been warned on many occasions that purchasing a hot air balloon ride for me as a present would be a seriously bad idea.
5. My signature Charades turn is "My Left Foot" and after twenty years or so, I think it might be the reason no one asks me to play anymore.

You can also find us on  Facebook , Pinterest  & Ravelry too.

Disclaimer: We are all part of one big crafting community so please do not sell our patterns or claim them as your own. You are free to do what you wish with finished items but if you sell them online, please link back to us for pattern credit. Please use your own images if advertising an item for sale from our patterns.  We are not expert pattern designers and believe knitting and crochet is a wonderful art form.  Therefore, many of the ways we create things may not be according to established methods.

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  1. Your website and blog are wonderful! I live where you can wear knitted things almost all year! Our joke is that we have four seasons: June is Spring, July is Summer, August is Autumn, and the rest is Winter! Exaggerating a bit, as the summers really are ideal. Thanks for some beautiful patterns and techniques!


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