Sunday, 30 September 2018

Drop Stitch Cowl

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We were at a yarn market a couple of weeks ago and after speaking to some pretty fabulous yarn people all day long, I was struck with the realisation that left handedness and knitting can be a source of much frustration.  Two left handed customers both mentioned that they preferred to crochet, which is how it is for me too.

Louise and I then got talking about my frustration with knitting and that perhaps it stems from the slight twist I get in each stitch that I can't remove no matter how I knit.  That then led to a further conversation about reversing the twist in the yarn during the spinning process to see if that would produce a better result.  Perhaps us lefties are just used to struggling with yarn spun in a way that is perfect for right handers, but we're fighting the natural twist in the yarn?

Louise very kindly set to work spinning in the exact opposite way she was used to, just so I could try it out and see if it made a difference.  We then had a dyeing day for our Louley brand yarn and I got to stick my very own left handed yarn into the pot and throw some colour around to see what happened.

Green isn't usually my go to colour, but we had some dye made up and we didn't want to see it go to waste.  Obviously the old "Blue and Green should never be seen" was given no thought on the day!

There wasn't quite a full skein available so I made a very quick and easy slip stitch cowl which is just perfect for Spring in this part of the world.

The Pattern

You will need:

60g (approx) of handspun yarn (we use and recommend our own brand Louley yarn)
One pair 8mm/US 11 needles

Cast on 10 stitches

Row 1:  Knit
Row 2: Pearl
Row 3: Knit
Row 4:Pearl
Row 5: Knit each stitch, wrapping the yarn around the needle three times when completing the stitch.
Row 6: Pearl each stitch dropping the extra wrap off the needle as you complete each stitch

Row 1 to 6 form the pattern.  Repeat pattern 19 times or until work reaches desired length

Cast off, Sew ends together to form cowl, weave in ends.

I was very pleased with the results of my left handed yarn and now I have the perfect cowl as the weather starts to warm up.

Happy knitting


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