Sunday, 7 May 2017

Knitted Neckerchief

Pin It Every year we like to take a little break that sees us traipsing across the country  to experience a little part of Australia that we have yet to discover.  Last year we headed over to South Australia and explored the delightful Barossa Valley, the German settlement of Hahndorf and then drove into Radelaide Adelaide to see what it had to offer.

Now, while many tourists head to the souvenir shops, we can be found picking through the shelves of every op shop/charity shop we pass along the way.  We have thought that at some point we could challenge ourselves and just pack underwear for the journey and purchase our clothing needs from our secondhand finds as we tour around.  On paper it seems like a great idea, but we're yet to be brave enough to actually put it into practise...maybe we'll try it this year!!

It's not only op shops where you'll find us though and when we visited the beach side suburb of Glenelg, as always it was very difficult to just walk on past the yarn shop and I was lured into the  inner sanctum of Barb's Sew and Knits as everyone else headed off to enjoy a frozen yogurt.  My purchase?  A stunning hand painted Misti Alpaca skein that I would surely put to good use at some point.

Fast forward fifteen months and with Mother's Day approaching it struck me that the beautiful colours could be just right for a special something for my Mum.

I'm a big believer in letting artisan yarns do all the work in a project so when there's great texture I tend to stick with something simple to bring out the quality and essence of the yarn.

For this project you will need:

1 x pair 12mm knitting needles
1 x pair 20mm knitting needles
1 x skein Misti Alpaca yarn or equivalent
Needle to sew in ends


Using 12mm needles, cast on 34 stitches
Rows 1 to 3.  Knit
*Row 4.  Change to 20mm needles, knit
Row 5 Change to 12mm needles.  Knit
Row 6 to 7 knit.*

* to * forms pattern.

Continue pattern until a rectangle is formed and the skein is used with enough yarn left to cast off and sew.

To sew
Lay rectangle of knitted fabric on a flat surface.  Bring cast off edge across fabric and place on side seam of the start of the project (as shown) and sew together.

Embellish the sewn edge with matching buttons and sew in ends to finish.

Happy Knitting


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