Sunday, 10 July 2016

Lucille Poncho

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It's been a long time since I've had a chance to pick up a crochet hook.   We've moved house and I've been doing some study which has left little time for anything other than the usual hum drum of daily life, but this week I saw a window of opportunity and ran with it.  

My wool stash was fortunate enough to be boosted a few months ago by a sale at Bendigo Woollen Mills of their now discontinued "Bloom" range.  Bloom is a lovely graduated yarn in 8ply and I managed to pick up a few balls in a couple of colours before the stock was completely gone. 

While I would usually try and come up with my own pattern, on this occasion I was rather taken with the lovely Lucille poncho from Drops Design and thought the combination of graduated yarn and fan pattern would work a treat,

I used a size 5 crochet hook for the 8ply yarn and also went for the larger size in the poncho, mainly due to our Melbourne Winters being pretty chilly and I figure the more coverage at this time of year the better.

After only a couple of days of crocheting madly away the bulk of the poncho was complete.  The pattern is a joy to crochet.  Simple to the point of only needing to check what stitches are needed to complete the end of each row and quick so that it feels you are really getting somewhere in a short amount of time.

By far the longest part of the process was cutting and applying the fringe.  As the yarn is graduated, it took a while to check that the right shades were being placed in the correct position on the poncho.

At some point this weekend there will be a steaming and trimming of the fringe, so take this as a before photo of the back of the poncho.  The after may be a while coming!

Happy Crocheting 


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