Sunday, 28 February 2016

Needle Felt Alpaca

The room I use to store all of my craft goodies is pretty much full at the moment.  It's not a designated craft or sewing room as such, but a multi purpose space that is quickly being overtaking with fabric, yarn and assorted paraphernalia,  This is the reason I try not to purchase too many gadgets or things that take up extra room. Fabric and yarn can be added to existing boxes and shelves, but with gadgets and other crafting tools,  I find I need to work harder to justify the purchase to myself - I see this as a good thing!

Recently though it's become obvious that a new craft has been calling to us and I'm afraid it meant a trip back to our craft store to purchase everything we needed to start needle felting.  Andie and I have walked passed the kits and needles many times before when we were shopping, but it wasn't until Louise's alpacas were shorn that we realised that all of those little bits of fleece could be put to good use with felting and what better project to start with than a needle felted alpaca.

There's some really informative and easy to follow youtube tutorials for making needle felt alpacas, some require a specific kit, but making a basic alpaca shape using wool or polyester fill tied with twine and then needle felting straight onto that seemed like a great alternative.

The process of needle felting simply involves using the tool and pressing it into the fleece over and over again until it holds together like fabric.

After a morning of making the initial alpaca shape and then felting the fleece, the fun began when it was time to add the details, A face, ears and a tail quickly transformed the felt into something a little more lifelike.

Happy needle felting

Deb and Andie


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