Sunday, 8 November 2015

Regal Bookmarks

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Someone in our household owns a bookmark collection, but a strict "no sharing" policy seems to have arisen over the years and I've resorted to grabbing whatever small piece of paper I could find to mark my pages as I read.  I thought it was probably time to make something a little more permanent, and dare I say regal, to use in future novels.


Using 2.25mm needles and crochet cotton, cast on 12 stitches.

Row 1:  Slip first stitch onto needle and then knit remaining 11 stitches.

Repeat row 1 a further 40 times - 41 rows in total.

Cast off leaving very long piece of thread attached to make crown topper.

For the crown topper:

Using length of thread attached and 2mm crochet hook, slip stitch into last cast off stitch of knitted row.  Chain 1 and single crochet into same stitch.

*Double crochet into next cast off stitch, Triple crochet into next cast off stitch, chain 3, slip stitch into end of chain 3, Double crochet into next cast off stitch, Single crochet into next cast off stitch.  Repeat from * until row is finished.

Block the bookmark (you can find our blocking tutorial here )

Happy reading!


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