Sunday, 18 October 2015

Rope Coasters and Bowls

If you were driving along a busy Melbourne street not long ago and happened to see me huddled over a car boot feverishly grabbing large spools of trims, let me assure you that there was absolutely nothing suspicious going on, despite how odd the scene may have looked if you gave it a casual glance from your car window.  You see, it just happened that a  friend who works in fashion mentioned that she had a car boot load of things to give away that from a wholesaler that had gone out of business and well..,the rest is history.

Among the ric rac, lace and leather trims, were three  large spools of rope in natural shades of cram and khaki.  While I plan to make a few tote bags and use the rope as handles, that project definitely won't take a lot of my rope stock and so I thought a small project would be a fun and stylish way to accessorise the house now that the warmer weather is on it's way.

What you will need

Glue and paint brush or glue gun
Bowl or glass to use as a template if required.


I chose to use PVA glue and a paint brush for this project, however a glue gun would also work very well.  Just make sure that whatever glue you decide to use dries clear.

To start, glue along the edge of the rope and roll the rope firmly along the glued edge as pictured. Continue rolling and gluing rope to form either the base of your bowl, or if making coasters, cut rope and glue end once your rope roll is the size you require for a coaster.

To continue making bowl, once you have made the base to the size you require (you may wish to use a china bowl or a glass as a template), glue onto the top of the previous rope layer and continue to layer the rope to form the sides. 

Each bowl only took about twenty minutes to do and the coasters are even quicker.  I can't help but thing that will the festive season just around the corner, these might be a fabulous handmade gift.

Happy Crafting


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