Sunday, 2 August 2015

Pickled Chillies

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I've been a fan of Rachel Khoo for a while now.  Who could resist the charm of Little Paris Kitchen and what could possibly be the world's smallest restaurant?  I was lucky enough to receive a copy of the cookbook at Christmas and have slowly been working my way through some of the classic French dishes it contains, not quite in a Julia & Julia kind of way, but in an every recipe works exactly as it should and my family have been enjoying some tasty French cuisine kind of way.

Fast forward to Mother's Day and I gleefully unwrapped some preserving jars and cookbooks.  I'm not big on commercialised gift giving days, but there was absolutely no complaints from me this year as I had visions of pots of fresh garden vegetables on the stove, slowly cooking away to transform into delicious pickles and sauces.

Sadly for me, things then got a bit hectic and between studying, working, crafting, blogging and doing all the parenting things there simply was no time.  The weeks turned into months and my preserving jars sat unused, while I wistfully researched what fruits and vegetables were in season and read recipes  - longing all the while to get started.

At the moment I'm on a little study break and this has coincided very nicely with Rachel Khoo's new Melbourne Kitchen Notebook which has just started airing recently and there in the very first episode was a recipe for Pickled Chillies.  It's easy, quick and perfect for the time poor cook who always seems to not have chillies  when they need them (that would be me!)

Rachel's recipe calls for an assortment of chillies and so I spent a lovely Sunday morning chopping away at the different varieties we'd picked up at the markets.  The recipe recommends wearing rubber gloves and I decided that it would probably be for the best,  I also made the decision to use a flimsy old chopping board that I don't generally use, just to make sure that the chilli then didn't seep into my good chopping boards and forever infuse everything we then made with an unwanted heat kick.

Once my jars were sterilised and my chillies chopped and rinsed, it was a simple case of adding the preserving liquid, sealing the lids and popping the jars in the fridge ready to use.

I'm busy planning my next venture into preserves and I can't wait.

Happy cooking 


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  1. I loved Rachel's Little Paris Kitchen too. Amazing what she did in such a tiny kithcen. However haven't seen the Melbourne one.

    Those dishes look really delicious. I promised myself I wouldn't buy any more cookbooks as I have dozens & rarely use any of them. You've inspired me with this post so I'll look for her book as I've never seen it around. Might try the library first! Thanks for this lovely post.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Winifred. Our favourite recipe from Little Paris Kitchen is definitely the Quiche Lorraine. It's so simple, but absolutely delicious! - Deb

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