Sunday, 12 July 2015

Big Dreams Table Runner

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I have big dreams for this table runner.
Our lives our undergoing a bit of a transformation at the moment.  About 18 months ago, as a newly engaged couple, Peter and I found our dream home clear across the country in Victoria.  Ever since that moment, we have been working towards the big move.

We have been planning vegetable gardens and chicken coops.  We have been looking at interior and exterior colours for the house.  New french provincial furniture has been purchased and is now sitting in storage.  I'll be able to have a craft room again but, we are doing all this planning from 3497 kms away and it is very frustrating.  We can only get so far into our plans before we have to stop and 'wait and see' when we get there.

All our wedding presents (fabulous saucepan sets, cutlery sets, glassware, sheets and crockery sets) are still in the boxes.  Peter and I (well, mainly Peter) have agreed not to open anything and save it all for the big move.  Definitely something to look forward to - but, once again, frustrating none-the-less.

The source of inspiration - a stunning, hand made
Mothers Day present from Hayley

One thing I could do though is make a start on the interior 'things'.  A few years ago, my daughter Hayley made a wonderful cross stitch sampler for me for Mothers day.  I absolutely love it and promised her that one day, I would get it framed.  Fast forward a few years and with my new french provincial furniture firmly in mind, I went to the framers and described what I wanted - a modern, french provincial, shabby chic frame .. and they delivered exactly what I was after.  I love it and it will take pride of place on my new kitchen wall.  This was the starting piece for my interior design.  

I also had a few fat quarters of fabric in a similar hue.  I had purchased them at Spotlight during a massive sale - (10 fat quarters for $10.00 - did I say massive sale?) and thought I would quickly make a table runner for my new kitchen table.  I know in the scheme of things it doesn't really rate on the planning scale alongside the practicalities of organising removalists, finding jobs and  researching climate conditions for vegetable growing but it is something that I can do now and in some small way, feel as though something is actually happening.


9 fat quarters (ideally bought on sale during a big discount)
Wadding/batting - I used a cotton wadding as it is quite thin and reduces any bulk

Choose 4 separate colours/patterns and pair them up.  One pair will be for the 4-patches and one pair will be the half square triangles.

Cut 2.5" strips from each fabric and then sew 2 different strips together.  Once they have been sewn, press them and then cut 2.5" strips to leave you with lots of little 2-patches.  Use these 2-patches to create your 4 patches.  I made a total of 22 4-patch squares.
Arrange the finished blocks to form the above layout

Next, using the remaining 2 colours, cut 4.75" strips and then cut these strips into 4.75" squares.  Place 2 different colour squares together and either draw or press a line diagonally through the middle.  Sew a scant 0.25" seam on each side of the seam line and then cut along the seam line.  This will leave you with 2 half square triangles.  
Finished 'quilt' top.

Using the alternate layout, join your squares together by joining a half square to a 4-patch to make a larger patch comprising 2 blocks of each.

To make the back of the table runner, I used 3 fatquarters, cut into 5" strips and joined.  This makes the table runner reversible.

Machine Quilting - a very pleasant way
to spend a Sunday afternoon

I chose to machine quilt the runner using a stipple stitch - mainly because it is easy and comes together very quickly and can be done in an hour or so.

I used another fat quarter, cut into 2" strips and joined together to make the binding.

Time to attach the binding - ready for hand sewing.
No messy pins for me - bobby pins make the job much
easier (and less painful)

Reversible - Very handy to have this feature on a kitchen table runner.

All-in-all, this is a very simple weekend project and I am very happy indeed to not only have made a table runner for our new farmhouse kitchen but one that matches the wonderful Mothers Day present which will always be hanging on my wall.

Happy Quilting,

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