Sunday, 21 June 2015

Skip To My Loom Cowl

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I adore homespun.  I love that its varied texture is a beauty unto itself and choosing a pattern to show off the variation contained within every skein is a challenge I'm always pleased to take on.  I'm still slowly working my way through a bag of homespun Louise brought with her last time she traipsed across the country, and with my supplies are dwindling I'm finding I'm even more precious about what each beautifully coloured yarn is used for.

My original plan was to crochet a scarf with this batch of orange/grey/black homespun and indeed I'd actually gotten about half way through the project when I realised I was going to run out of yarn and other than adding striped sections to pad out the length I was in serious trouble.  Sadly the moment came when I knew I'd been defeated and the scarf was carefully wound back for inspiration to strike elsewhere, naturally with me mourning the loss of a few hours of my time.
Fast forward a few chilly days and I realised I very much wanted a new Wintry item to cope with the drop in temperature so out came my loom and the homespun and a brand new project was underway.

The pattern for the cowl is very easy and uses the video instructions from Fayme Harper except in this instance, I've skipped every second peg on the loom .  My reasoning behind skipping the pegs was to allow room for the various textures of the homespun to show, rather than crowd the details with too many stitches.

The skein of homespun contained just enough yarn for the cowl to be a total length of 1.4 metres (that's approximately 55 inches), but really it can be any length you choose your cowl to be.

Once completed, cast off and twist the cowl before sewing the ends together.

While I've used homespun for this cowl, I think it would be the perfect project for any thick yarn you have in your stash...or two strands of thinner yarn.

Happy loom knitting


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