Sunday, 7 June 2015

Quintessential Quilts

Pin It "A Bed without a quilt is like a sky without stars"

The past year has been very productive as we watched the quilts leave the sewing machine and end up as gifts or neatly folded in our longed-for quilt cupboard.  Louise has spent many, many wonderful hours (and quite a few in either perplexed puzzlement or raging despair) trying out new techniques and patterns.  

A simple 4-patch and a criss-cross quilting design ensures that your festive table is homely and perfect.

Using 2.5" strips cut from a christmas Layer cake means that you can make one of these (or 2 or 3 if you wanted to give them as gifts) in an afternoon.

This quilt design is a bit more complex but it brings back so many memories of when we were quilting together when our children were very small. (Where has the time gone?!)

Using a quilting tutorial from the 'Craftsy' platform, this 'Flying Geese' quilt for our youngest Fitzbirch-er, nearly finished Louise off.  It all came together in the end though with the wonderful machine quilting.

You can never have too many quilted accessories for your craft room. Seriously ... you can't.

So named by Louise's Son who was the eventual recipient of the first 'Jacob's Ladder', he said it reminded him of the popular series.  After all, Winter is Coming.

This quilt proved that when you are in the middle of something big, you just have to keep going. The end result was just gorgeous.  It now sits by the fireplace in our Mum and Dad's house.  A very worthy place for a handmade quilt.

This quilt comes together in no time thanks to the simple tutorial from the wonderful folks at the 'Missouri Star Quilt Co'.  The striking colours give it a very contemporary edge.

Happy Quilting,

Deb & Louise
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