Sunday, 3 May 2015

Sharp-as-a-tack Pin Cushion

Pin It By far, the best accessory for my pins is a magnetic pin tray that I use ALL the time. It is so handy to quickly take out the pins and almost throw them in the direction of the tray without missing a beat when I am sewing.   The menfolk in my house are a bit paranoid about pins on the floor and welcomed this purchase eagerly (especially when I accidentally dragged all my pins off the table when I was manoeuvring a quilt - a quick swipe of the tray and they were all collected .. I just love it!)

However, I discovered the other day that nearly all my pins are blunt.  Not just a little bit blunt but very blunt - one even buckled as I tried to force it into my pin cushion.  I had read that if the inside of your pin cushion is steel wool, it will sharpen them every time you put one in or out.  The time had very obviously come to make one.


  • small packet of steel wool (available from hardware stores - just don't get the steel wool embedded with soap)
  • Fabric for the top
  • small piece of batting the same size as the fabric
  • container to house your cushion (I had an oversized tea cup that had originally contained soaps from 'The Body Shop')
  • Selection of blunt pins
The fabric I chose was a small square left over from my 'Going 'Round in Circles' quilt.


1 & 2  Gather together everything you will need.  I also chose to make a little espresso cup size cushion for my daughter.

3.  Sandwich the fabric top and batting together and baste a running stitch around the edges to gather it in.  Place your steel wool in the centre of the gather and then pull tight and secure.  You can secure it with pins or with a few running stitches - the choice is yours.

4.  Squeeze the cushion into the container.  I chose not to glue or attached the cushion so I can re-use the cup at a later date.  If you have a glue gun, a few dabs of glue in the bottom will hold it in place.

I must admit, it's a nice feeling knowing that my pins are now being sharpened AND I have been able to find a great use for a Christmas present.

Happy Sewing,

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  1. I made one of these as a child using steel wool. The pins do stay sharp!