Sunday, 31 May 2015

Handy Hand-Quilting Hold All.

Pin It Sometimes I am very thankful that people can't see the inside of my house.  I currently have a dining table filled with glorious roving and my spinning wheel set up beside it.  I have my sewing machine on my other table along with my latest quilting project.  I have my on-the-go crochet cowl on my television cabinet (it's the only free space at the moment) and a quilt that I am hand quilting on the couch.  It's a crafty persons dream - but not that desirable for a bit of a neat freak.

As I have all my craft supplies all over the place it can be somewhat frustrating keeping track of it all.  My case-in-point is when I am hand quilting.  The television goes on (ideally it's Downton Abbey), I snuggle under portions of the quilt and get sewing.  However, due to the bulk of the quilt, I am forever losing my scissors or thimble or tape or, heaven forbid - my quilting needle.  I've lost it a few times on the couch but I have perfected the art of looking for it without drawing attention to what I am doing as it would cause mayhem in my household if anyone thought I had lost a needle on the couch.  To that end, something had to be done and I decided to make myself a handy little container of sorts to keep everything in.
Pin Fabric for a Pin Cushion
Time to tidy all of this

Firstly, it would need to be a pin cushion and I believe that I have the perfect piece of fabric.  Fabric with pins on it.  Just meant to be.

I have a few preserve/jam jars and decided that I would use the jar as the container for all my bits and pieces.

Firstly, trace around the inner seal of the lid onto a piece of firm cardboard and then, using the cardboard as a template, cut the fabric appox 3/4 of an inch bigger around the edge.

Sew a running stitch around the edge of the fabric and gently pull to start the gather.  

Add the wadding into the gathered fabric and then place the piece of cardboard on top and then finish the gather quite firmly and secure in place with a few stitches.

Using a glue gun, glue the bottom of your pin cushion to the top of the inner seal.

When it is dry, place the outer part of the lid over the top and screw in place.

I also think it would make a very handy travel sewing kit but for the time being, my hand quilting needles should be safe.

Happy sewing,

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