Sunday, 12 April 2015

It's Payback Time .. (Just don't mention the line ..)

Pin It Regular readers of our blog would know that our Dad is a very crafty individual.  The list of things that he has made us seems to go on and on .. and we couldn't be more grateful.  Some of his wonderful creations can be found herehere and even here.

A few months ago, About a year ago my Mum ordered some wool online but the colour wasn't quite right. She wanted brick red and this had a bit of terracotta in it.  Lovely wool (from Bendigo Woollen Mills) but not what she had in mind.  She asked us all if we wanted it.  I believe that I have a highly developed reflex action where wool is concerned as it was up at my place and waiting for a project before I could say 'Sure, I'll have it if no-one else wants it .. '
It's a jacket - not a cardigan.

I had been thinking for some time that I would like to knit my Dad something.  He's a hard one to knit for though - he doesn't feel the cold.  I remember watching him walk across our lawn when I was a child.  It was freezing - minus 2 or something like that, and as he walked, he snapped the grass as it was frozen solid.  Nothing remarkable you might say, but he had bare feet.  He never wore shoes if he could possibly help it.  I guess he was in hot work boots all day and relished not having to wear them.  If this man has bare feet in the middle of winter - what is it going to take to get him to wear a jumper?

Anyway, I thought this new wool would make a perfect jacket (NOT a cardigan .. ) and came across a fantastic pattern by Jared Flood on Ravelry.  It's called 'Ranger' and surprisingly, Dad was quite agreeable to a hand knitted jacket.  I felt as though he deserved something after all the things he has made us.

It knitted up quite well, but then I was given a sewing machine and well, the jacket was put on hold for a while .. When I say a while, I actually mean a year - oops.

Mum and Dad are coming up for Easter and it's a perfect opportunity to get the jacket back out and finish it once and for all.

Dad noticing the offending 'line'
It was all coming together reasonably OK.  I had a few problems understanding how the sleeves were meant to be joined but finally got the hang of it.  However, after knitting for a considerable while, I noticed that there was a funny little line of knitting on one of the sleeves.  What was this?  I couldn't figure it out.  I thought, incorrectly it now seems, that this 'line' would disappear with blocking.  It didn't. 

Perhaps Dad wouldn't notice - he did.

He's very gracious though.  Mentioned it once or twice (three times really but that's OK) and then allowed himself to be photographed - albeit with no head shots or anything that might identify him.  However, if you are walking down the street in a small country town in Western Australia and you notice a man wearing a jacket that to all intents and purposes is well made except for a line along the arm, that will be our Dad.  

Line or no line, I am sure that in the depths of a freezing cold winter morning he may just wear it.

Happy Knitting,

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  1. think your dads jacket is lovely even with the line. love the colour