Sunday, 26 April 2015

Home Spun Up-Cycled Cowl

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Crochet & Leather - an interesting combination
My spinning wheel has been a bit quiet of late so I decided that it needed a bit of a work out.

A few months ago, I spent a wonderful afternoon dyeing some roving for future use. If you have always wanted to do some dyeing but wasn't sure how it was done, I happened upon a microwave method which I love - plus it's quick and relatively mess free (the use of the word 'relative' is deliberate).  Our blog posts on how it's done can be found here.

Once it was spun, I wanted to do something quite different.  Re-fashioning and up-cycling are very popular at the moment and I had a leather belt that I didn't use.  It came free with a skirt I bought but it didn't really suit the skirt and so I used another one instead.
This belt had little slits all the way along and I thought it could very easily be attached to a piece of knitting or crochet.

I grabbed my brand new ball of hand dyed-home spun and started to double crochet a long band.  The size can be anything you want.  I chose to chain 32, then double crochet into every second stitch (16 in total), chain 2, turn and double crochet into each gap.

My ball of homespun measured 256 metres and I crocheted until I had very little left.

Then the fun began - how do I put it all together?

Firstly, I ran a large running stitch along the middle of the scarf and gently gathered it until it was the same length of the belt.  Then, using the slits in the belt I ran another running stitch through it.  I then secured the ends tightly, weaved in any loose threads and did up the buckle.  
The denim look of the wool and the brown of the leather means I can't wait to wear it with some jeans and brown boots.  I will have to wait a few more months until it cools down though - it's still a bit too warm here in Western Australia.

How to spin and make your own up-cycled cowl.
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  1. Very nice! its looking so cute :)

  2. This is so cool, never seen anything like it :)

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    1. Thank you so much for the feature Jill. We're honoured to be selected and love looking at what is being contributed each week. Deb and Louise