Sunday, 8 March 2015

Summerhouse Quilt

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Summerhouse Quilt

This quilt proved very difficult to name.  

I usually have a name for my quilts very early on but, in this case, it just kept eluding me.  The fabric was called 'Lost & Found' by My Mind's Eye for Riley Blake .. and it was on sale.   Sometimes, the fact that it is on sale is the only inducement I need to buy it.

Washing never looked so good...
Earlier in the year, I had received a lovely quilting book for my birthday  - 'Quilt Me!' by Jane Brocket and I fell in love with the Washing Line quilt.

It is very easy to make using my bargain layer cake.
'Sets of 2'

1.    Cut each layer cake into 4 x 2.5" strips.

2.    Once you have all your strips (and there are many), place them in sets of 2 strips each and then sew them together along the 10" edge.

3.    When you have sewn them all together, then you sew your sets of 2 together to forms sets of 4.  This set of 4 is the block.

4.   The quilt is 6 blocks by 7 blocks.  Once you are pleased with the arrangement of your blocks, sew them together vertically first to form 6 long strips.  Once this is has been done, sew the vertical strips together to finish the top.

5.  I added a 2.5" border and then a 5" final border.

I used a 100% cotton batting for this quilt.  I love the feel and 'lightness' of the batting.  It doesn't make the quilt too heavy.

The quilt top finished - 6 x 7 blocks sewn together.
At this point, I was still stumped for a name.  It wasn't quite a Shabby Chic quilt, it wasn't quite vintage - It was scrappy looking (in the nicest way) but it still wasn't revealing it's name.

During the sewing and quilting process, the temperatures in Perth rose to a staggering 45C (113F) and I was trying to machine quilt it.  I had it draped over my shoulder, I had it on my lap - and it was unbearable.  I have a loft house and the air conditioning was struggling to keep up and in the end, I had to put it aside until it cooled down.

Simple Cross-Hatch Quilting 

A few days later, the cool breeze returned and my quilt came back out and I finished the simple cross hatching quilting.

'Summerhouse Quilt'

I lifted it up and had a long, hard look at it.  Then it came to me - it looked like a cute little scrappy quilt that you would have out on the porch (or summerhouse if you were fortunate enough to have one) to ward off the evening chill in summertime.  'Summerhouse' it was then - not only due to the look, but also the fact that it was made during the hottest January day in Western Australia for 20 years.

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