Sunday, 15 March 2015

Knitlon Crochet Coat Hanger

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I've always thought there's something quite decadent and lovely about covered coat hangers. Showing care and attention to  the most mundane of household items, seems to elevate the owner to a whole new level of sophistication in my eyes. A recent conversation with a family member, who was indeed in the process of covering coat hangers, got me thinking that perhaps my own level of sophistication could do with raising a little!

I've been trying for a while to use up some Knitlon I purchased a a year or so ago and so this looked like the perfect project to  get through the last of it.  Now I'm aware that Knitlon (sometimes called Craftlon or Knitting Ribbon depending on where you are from) can be difficult to find in the shops.  In Australia, I've found the best stockists seem to be Lincraft and Big W while in the USA, tulle ribbon seems to be the closest equivalent product.

Using a 5mm hook, chain 10.  Check that the chain length wraps loosely around your coat hanger with a chain or two to spare.  Adjust the chain length as necessary

Row 1.

Chain 2 and then Double Crochet into second chain in row.  Double crochet into each chain until row is complete.

Repeat until work measures the length of the coat hanger you are using plus an additional row (or two ) at each end to allow for seams.

To Make Up

Fold work in half lengthwise.  Sew end seam and three quarters along the length of the cover. Slide wooden part of hanger (unscrew and remove hook prior, if this hasn't already been removed) and then sew the remainder of the length and the last end seam.  I found overcasting to be almost invisible when sewing the Knitlon. Gently find the hole for the hanger hook and insert.

Add crochet flowers and ribbons to decorate and you'll have the prettiest little coat hanger imaginable.

Happy crocheting.


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