Sunday, 22 March 2015

Hexagon Easter Basket

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It's fair to say I've become a little bit obsessed with sewing hexagons of late, and with Easter fast approaching I could think of no better excuse to stop by a little sewing centre that I drive past everyday  (Camberwell Sewing Centre if you're in the area) and pick up a few fat quarters in Easter type colours.

My plan was to make a little individual hexagon baskets as table decorations for Easter Sunday and if you've got the time, I think they do make a lovely display.

What you'll need:

Hexagon paper pieces
4 different coloured fat quarter
Needles, cotton and scissors.

I made my basket using half inch hexagons and squares, but for larger baskets, feel free to use one inch hexagons and squares

Using main colour, cut 7 hexagons and sew onto paper (there's a great sewing hexagon tutorial at Connecting Threads ) cut and sew three hexagons from two further colours.  With remaining colour cut and sew six squares

 To assemble:

Use the main pattern as the centre hexagon and surround with six hexagons in further two colours .  Sew into place as shown.  Sew six squares to form curve in the bowl base and finish with top layer of six hexagons in main pattern fabric.

I didn't end up with a lot of time to line my little basket with anything other than Easter Eggs, but I'm sure they'll look lovely with a little bit of fabric sewn inside to hide all the seams.

Happy Easter


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  1. Cute and creative basket! Lovely colors perfect for Easter! Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday!