Sunday, 1 March 2015

30 Minute Cowl with a twist

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I know, I know!  Often times when a recipe or pattern says 30 minutes, it never actually takes 30 minutes.  I can assure you though, that this really is a 30 minute project and so simple that you'll soon be making a whole heap of these little fashion accessories for not only yourself, but friends and family too.

What you'll need

Low pile faux fur or fleece fabric
Matching cotton
Measuring tape
Tailors chalk
Sewing Machine


1. Measure and cut a length of fabric 70cm long by 44cm wide (that's approx 27.5 inches x 16 inches).  these measurements don't have to be exact so feel free to go shorter/longer, wider/skinnier if you wish.

2.  Fold fabric in half lengthwise with right sides facing and pin outer edges together.

3. Sew outer edges together, remove pins

4. You will now have a tube of fabric that's inside out, turn right side out and if using faux fur do not use an iron to flatten the seam, just use your fingers to smooth the seam flat.

5  To create the twist in the cowl, have the tube of fabric in front of you as shown, hold up end closest to you and rotate (twist) the fabric 180 degrees clockwise.

6. Once twisted,  place the narrow ends of the tube together (there are now four layers of fabric together along the top width of the cowl that are unsewn) and with right sides facing, pin the centre two layers of fabric together and sew in place, being careful not to get the other layers of fabric caught when sewing the seam.

7. The last seam can be hand sewn, but that will take you over the 30 minute time frame for this project, so to keep within the allocated time simply fold inwards a small seam  on each raw edge and with wrong sides facing pin together(enclosing the folded in seam) and sew close to the edge of the seam.

8.  Remove pins, flatten seam with fingers if necessary and wear your snood.

Happy Sewing


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