Sunday, 18 January 2015

Sewing is Contagious!

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The second series of  The Great British Sewing Bee has just started screening in Australia this week.  The first series was a huge inspiration to get the sewing machine out of the cupboard and our resident teenager has been sewing ever since.  Not just every now and again sewing, but every Sunday our family room floor is covered with fabric and pattern pieces and our dining room table is turned into a little sewing centre as the gentle hum of the machine and the occasional sound of steam escaping from the iron, take  over from the usual drone of the television.  

Every Sunday, unless there's too much homework or a previously planned event, Andie (our resident teenager)  has sewn,  photographed and then social mediarised her creations for friends and family.  #sewingsunday has become a bit of  a weekly tradition.  

You can only imagine our excitement then when we heard that Hayley, our Perth based Fitzbirch niece, was getting a sewing machine for Christmas!  There's just something about people sewing that makes you want to look at patterns and head to the fabric shop and it seems that the more people you talk to, the more it happens and before you know it you've got a sewing epidemic on your hands.

Hayley's first project was a lovely polka dot skirt, but since then we seem to have developed a few more cases of sewing-itis.  Andie has been having holiday sewing bees with her friends and now Hayley and our sometime Fitzbirch model and opera singer, Lauren have decided that #sewingsunday is the perfect way to finish off the weekend...and we couldn't agree more!

Happy sewing


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