Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Quilted Cushion Tutorial

Pin It I am currently making a 'Summer in the Park' quilt using  a 'Lexington' Jelly Roll.  It is all coming together nicely (and a blog for another time) but I had one block left over.  It didn't fit into the layout but I put it aside thinking I could make a cushion - and here it is.

The cushion size I used was 19" x 19"


  • Scraps to make a cushion top 
  • 2 x (17" x 20") pieces of backing fabric
  • 20" x 20" piece of batting (I used cotton as it is very light)

My leftover block - ready to be put to good use.

Join the block together and add a series of 2" borders until you have the correct size for your cushion.  In this case, I needed to add 2.

Borders added.  Now it's time to baste it to some wadding.  I used some very thin, 100% cotton batting.

I quilted it using a very simple shadowing pattern with my walking foot.

Top finished - now to add the back.

I cut 2 squares of fabric 17" x 20" (To allow for the expansion of the cushion).

Sew one hem along the 20" side of each fabric, leaving the other end as is.  This hem forms the centre pillow fold for the cushion.

Placing the fabric so the hems overlap.

With right sides together, lay the backing fabric over the cushion top.  Pin the raw edges together and make sure that the hems you have just created overlap in the middle of the cushion.  I have created a very large overlap to ensure that the cushion stays in place.
The finished, hemmed overlap

Cushion finished showing the overlap.

Turn the cushion inside out and press for a final, neat finish.

Happy Quilting,

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