Sunday, 11 January 2015

Loom Knit Figure 8 Stitch Scarf

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When my parents come to visit, they more often than not bring with them something crafty as a gift and their last visit was no exception.  They had stopped by Bendigo Woollen Mills and spent some time in their bargain room, a place legendary in these parts, but sadly somewhere I've yet to visit, and picked up some feathery soft yarn in purest white.  I'm very thankful that they know me so well and these little gifts are very much appreciated.

It's been a little while since I've made anything on any of my knitting looms, crochet, sewing and weaving seem to have taken over, but in my mind, this yarn was just crying out for the loom.

I've tried a few stitches in the loom and was looking for something a little different when I came across Figure 8 stitch and there's a really good tutorial from Good Knit Kisses to help you along if you haven't come across it before.

I used the straight loom for my scarf and cast on 22 pegs.  I then continued with the Figure 8 stitch until the scarf measured 160cm and then cast off.  Lion Brand Yarn have  great tutorials on You Tube for casting on and  off on knitting looms.

This is quite a slow stitch to do, so it's not going to be the fastest loom knit project you've ever tried, by the result is really quite lovely and I particularly liked the softness this yarn gave to the pattern.  

Happy loom knitting 


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