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16 Pieces becomes 17 .. and then 18

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Coral Garter/Cable Cowl (try saying that quickly a number of times)
A few weeks before my honeymoon, my daughter came around and told me all about a Pin she had found about mix-and-matching key wardrobe pieces.  It was called "One Suitcase - 16 pieces, 40 outfits"

"uh-huh"  I said, somewhat interested.

"It means that you only have to pack 16 basic wardrobe items for your trip to New Zealand" she said.

Now she had my full attention.  16 Pieces? That makes a vast change from the 116 that I usually pack.

We jumped online to have a look at the pin (you can find it here) and it made perfect sense.  
I scrounged through my wardrobe to locate the key pieces but was lacking item number 8 - 'one bright jumper'.  Odd I know for a knitter - but it was the truth.  

I decided that the bright jumper would be in one of my favourite colours at the moment - coral, and ended up with a gorgeous jumper from 'Just Add Sugar'.  I love everything about it.  The fit, the colour, the casualness.  I was well contented with this purchase.  It's the piece that will add interest to the other 'basic' and neutral pieces that I am taking. 

At the same time, a friend from work asked if I would be able to knit her a couple of winter headbands. She is going skiing in Japan and loves the idea of a headband instead of a beanie.  I had absolutely no problem with knitting her a couple.  She spent hours making our wedding invitations for us and the fact that she did them when she was also writing school reports was a tremendous effort.

The pattern she chose knitted up very quickly.  It got me thinking that I might knit one for myself in, yes, you guessed it, coral.

The only yarn I had though, was a baby cotton. Lovely though it is, it would certainly not be warm enough so I knitted with 3 yarns together to get a very thick, chunky looking headband.  I made sure that the cable design matched my new purchase - (I know it's a winter holiday but it's the little attention to detail that can make all the difference ;-).

The headband pattern is from Drops Studio and can be found here.  
Drops Studio headband - a very easy knit.

It is a very easy knit, so easy and effective.
The headband saved my ears from freezing
when we went jet boating

Cowl Pattern

This pattern uses the same central cable pattern as the headband but is simply a chunky garter stitch on the edges.  It matches my comfy jumper exactly.

Note:  I am using 3 balls of eco cotton as it is the only yarn I have in the colour I want.  This pattern is for yarn weight of super bulky or worsted (10 - 12ply).  Feel free to experiment.

Using 3 balls of eco baby cotton together, cast on 37 stitches.

Knit 3 rows of garter stitch.
Garter Stitch Cowl

Row 1: K10, P2, K6, P1, K6, P2, K10
Row 2: Slip 1, K11, P6, K1, P6, K12
Row 3: Slip 1, K9, P2, K6, P1, K6, P2, K10
Row 4: As Row 2
Row 5: As row 3
Row 6: As row 2
Row 7: As row 3
Row 8 As row 2
Row 9 Slip 1, K9, P2, C3F, P1, C3B, P2, K10
Row 10: As row 2

Rows 2 - 9 form the cable pattern of the cowl and once you start knitting, it comes together very quickly.

Knit until you have the desired length for your cowl.  In my case, 80cm.  Bind off, join together and weave in any loose threads.

There you have it, a matching sweater, cowl and headband (not that I would wear them all at once, but it does give some 'pop' to an otherwise basic travel wardrobe).

More cowl patterns from Fitzbirch Crafts

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