Monday, 8 December 2014

Primitive Christmas Clothesline

Every now and again, I start a project with a very clear outlook on what I want, only to have a complete change of mind half way through.

Such was the case with my Primitive Christmas Clothesline.  The rustic stand and pole was all set for something else when I noticed it had the look of a colonial washing line.  Something practical, strung up for one purpose.  As I was in Christmas mode, I thought a mini christmas quilt hanging on a line could look quite lovely.

Requirements to make the quilt:

Simple Christmas 9 Patch
9 x 2 1/2" squares (left over from a Christmas Charm pack)
3 x 10" sqaures (left over from a Christmas Layer Cake)
10" square of batting

Primitive clothes line made from twigs and bits of wood

Re-Pieced 9 patch

1..  Piece and sew a simple 9 Patch

2..  Cut the patch in half vertically down the middle squares and horizontally across the middle squares.

Quilt Sandwich

3.. Re-piece them back together and add a 2" border cut from a piece of layer cake.

Marking the first spiral

4..  Spray bast a piece of layer cake to the back of the batting and spray baste your mini-quilt to the top of the batting.

5..  I chose to quilt using a very simple spiral pattern using my walking foot.  It was a bit tricky to start with as the initial circle was quite small.

6.. Once quilted, add a 2" border and you are ready to hang it on the line.

Happy Christmas,

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