Sunday, 2 November 2014

Five reasons teenagers should learn to sew

Pin It Here's five fabulous reasons why teenagers should learn to sew:

1.  It's important to respect effort   
As a consumer it's not too much of a stretch to imagine that somehow the items that you purchase just magically appear in the shop and that the whole back story doesn't matter.  When you start making your own clothes, it pretty quickly becomes apparent that a whole lot of time and skill goes into making even the simplest pair of shorts.   Learning to sew is a fabulous way to understand that someone, somewhere is working hard to produce that dress you've just admired in the shop window and that effort needs to be respected.

2.  You're an individual
Often it's easy to get caught up in brands and what's hot right now, especially when you're a teenager and trying to fit in.   Sewing your own clothes means that you're not caught up in what fashion buyers think you should be wearing this season. It means that while you might still want to be on trend, you can make clothes that no-one else has and you'll never, ever arrive at a party wearing the same outfit as your friends.

3.  Learning any new skill takes time

When you start to sew it can be really, really frustrating.  There's a lot to learn and that gorgeous pattern for that prom dress you fell in love with isn't going to be within your skill set for quite a while...and that's OK.  It's important to take your time and start making simple items first and gradually build from there.  You might not be making that prom dress this year, but by next year you just might be.

4. Shopping doesn't mean spending

Imagine if you could have a whole heap of fun shopping without even thinking about spending money.  When you start sewing your own clothes, visiting the shopping centre suddenly becomes about finding inspiration rather than opening your wallet.    You'll find yourself looking at finishes, fabrics and trims.  If a particular embellishment catches your eye, you'll soon be looking through your wardrobe to see if you can add that to a long forgotten T-shirt.  Just wait, your friends will be super impressed!

5. Creativity

Fashion is all about showing the world your creativity, but when you make your own clothes, you're taking it to whole new level.  Rather than just choosing what top to wear with what skirt, you're going to start looking at fabric texture and drape, where you want a pattern placed on the finished garment, what trims you might use, which sleeves you would's an endless list and you're in control.  You're a fashion superstar in the making and you don't have to please anyone else but yourself.  It's like you've got Coco Chanel in your own head and she's working exclusively for you.

Happy sewing


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