Sunday, 30 November 2014

Almost No-Sew Christmas Bunting

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What better way to decorate my quilting cabinet.
As part of my birthday present this year, I have a delightful charm pack of '25th & Pine' Christmas fabric.  I have been wanting some Christmas Bunting for quite some time, so this was the charm pack to make it with.  This bunting/garland is perfect as there is very little sewing.  The fabric is strengthened with an iron-on webbing and the only sewing is attaching the ribbon along the top - and this is a very straight forward chain piecing sew.

I watched a great video from Missouri Star Quilt Company on how to put it together and it really couldn't be much easier.

However, whereas Jenny used a template to cut out the triangles, I am much more comfortable rotary cutting along straight lines and not around a template.  For some reason, the template always moves or the cutter doesn't quite cut correctly so I decided to rule lines and cut out the triangles in a less stressful (for me) way.

I have outlined how I achieved this at Step 3.
Delightful little Christmas flags

Materials:  Fusible backing, charm pack, twill or christmas ribbon & rotary cutter.  Whilst I had intended to cut out a triangle template, in the end I found it easier to rule lines and cut along them using my rotary cutter.

Step 1.     Iron all the charm pack pieces to the fusible backing as per the instructions for the particular fabric & backing that you have.
In my case, it took about 30 seconds of a good steam press.

Step 2:     Cut them all out so you have the individual charm squares.

Step 3:     On the reverse of your fabric piece, rule a line diagonally down the middle.  Measure 5" along this line and make a mark.  Rule a line from the 5" mark to each corner.  These are your cut lines.  As you can see from the diagram, you have 2 identical triangles towards the top, right hand side of the charm square and a tiny bit of waste at the bottom left hand corner.

Step 4:     Arrange all 80 of your triangles in the order that you like and carefully sew along the ribbon on the right side of the bunting.  (the ribbon in this picture has not been sewn to the flags, it is merely lying on the flags whilst I sorted out the order).  Sew to about two thirds along the width of the flag piece, stop with the needle in the down position, insert the next triangle piece and continue sewing.

It comes together in no time at all.

Merry Christmas and happy sewing,

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