Saturday, 18 October 2014

Ridged String Scarf

So far this Spring, we've had a couple of lovely days of sunshine, and those two days were glorious and cleansing as only sun and warmth can be after a long, cold Winter.  Two warm days is not enough to have me betting on a warm Spring  though, and so when I picked up my crochet hook to start a new scarf, I did it with the confidence that I'll still get quite a bit of use out of my new garment, even as we hurtle towards the end of year and the hot Australian Summer.

The bag of Homespun that Louise left with me when she last visited, continues to be a source of inspiration and I'm pleased to say that I still haven't purchased any more yarn since I declared that I am going to use what I have, rather than go shopping for any more yarny goodness (as delightful as that is!)

The pattern for the scarf is from New Stitch a Day and the pattern is the Ridged String Network 


Using a 12 mm crochet hook and thick yarn of your choice, chain 13.  For a wider scarf, add extra chains in multiples of four.

Continue with the Ridged String Network Pattern from New Stitch a Day until scarf reaches desired length.

This is a very easy pattern and a short project that can easily be finished in a weekend,which means if the weather forecast is looking dismal for the week ahead, you'll soon have a new accessory to see you through the cold, blustery winds and rain.

Happy Crocheting


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