Sunday, 9 November 2014

It's Christmas Time Advent Calendar

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Every year I look at the Advent calendars in the stores, you know the ones with the flimsy little cardboard doors that hide a cheap chocolate treat, and find myself feeling extremely thankful for our handmade calendar.  This will be our 15th year of celebrating advent with our wall hanging and every time I start to fill its hand sewn little pockets with sweets, it takes me back to cold Yorkshire Christmases and opening this beautiful present that Louise had made for my birthday at a time when I was more than a little homesick for sunnier climes.

The pattern for this delightful piece is from Hatched and Patched a business based in Bathurst (that's country Australia if you're not from these parts) and Anni's  country vintage style is evident in all of the patterns and fabrics she sells.

The back of our Advent has it's own little personalised and hand stitched message, which only adds to the nostalgia that inevitably occurs  whenever the start of December is approaching.  

It can be tricky with three children finding small wrapped lollies that will fit in the little pouches.  I've become quite adept over the years at finding an assortment of chocolates or sweets that will be suitable.  Even now the children are teenagers they still feel every pouch and guess what might by lurking within.  I admit that sometimes some of the pouches for later in the month have remained empty for that first week in December as I try to find something a bit out of the ordinary.  Naturally, I  tell the kids that I'm just trying to surprise them so they can't guess every sweet, but I think they may be on to my last minute shopping!

Now that we've had so many years of use with our wonderful gift, I can't help but think what a beautiful present an advent calendar is for a young family.  It's a special something that is used and cherished every year - it really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Happy Christmas


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