Tuesday, 12 August 2014

3rd Time Lucky ..

Finished - 3rd attempt.
As another quilt rolls off the rather shaky assembly line that has become my quilting table, I am surprised that my enthusiasm is not waning.  

To be perfectly honest, I'm usually not one to stick around and put in hours and hours of time and effort to perfect something - especially when I keep having to go back and undo what has already been painstakingly finished.  To be even more honest, if I don't pick it up quickly, then I will usually move onto something else - something that I am a little more skilled at.  However, this is proving not to be the case with quilting - and I am somewhat surprised.

In my previous quilt posts, (you can read about them here)I have mentioned that I have researched, taken classes, watched countless you-tube videos, all in an attempt to make the 'perfect' quilt.  This is considerably more effort that I have put into researching any other craft.
Nature's Basket - by Blackbird Designs

My latest quilt is a case-in-point.  I had enormous fun with a disappearing 9-patch design.  It came together relatively easily and quickly but the machine quilting was finished on my 3rd attempt.  Yes, that's right, 2 previous attempts were meticulously unpicked and restarted.   This quilt (which I have called Eucalypt Harvest) could easily have been thrown (rather hastily and with some force) onto the 'never to be retrieved' pile .. but I just couldn't let it go.  I think it has something to do with holding onto the creative juices that inspired the selection in the first place.  

I couldn't wait to start sewing with this fabric (Nature's Basket by Blackbird Designs for Moda Fabric) so once I had calmed down and could look at the quilt again without swearing wondering what I was doing wrong, I sat and unpicked and .. finally it came together.
Eucalyptus Leaves Free Motion Quilting

It has been machine quilted with a rather dense design of Eucalyptus leaves and when the final hand stitch was in place on the binding, I gently and reverently folded it up.  There were no 'high 5's' or whoops of excitement.  Just an overwhelming sense of relief that I had done justice to the fabric.  I placed it in my cupboard - and was instantly reminded about what drove me to quilting in the first place.  

Keeping the dream alive ... 

It was the image of a cupboard full of handmade quilts.

Happy Quilting (no matter how many times it takes)
1st Attempt at Machine Quilting

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