Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Where's the Weft Scarf

So far my journey into weaving has proved to be an incredible learning experience.  Every project has taught me something and in this instance it's that I'm <gasp> weft heavy.  Essentially that means that my weft, the threads that go horizontally across the loom are much more prominent than the threads that go vertically.  It is entirely my own fault as I'm far too heavy handed with the beater.  Apparently it just needs to "kiss" the fabric in progress, not get beaten against it with a great deal of force! In my mind I had assumed that something called a "beater" would need a bit of strength behind it.

The problem with being weft heavy is that the warp doesn't really show through.  I turns out all of my calculations when winding this warp were for nothing.  The vertical stripes just don't show in the final product thanks to my heavy handedness.

For this project I chose shades of Raffia, Charcoal and Aztec and was delighted that the good folk at Bendigo Woollen Mills supply their 2ply classic yarns in cones.

I planned to make a men's scarf and thought the best place to start when calculating the dimensions of the scarf would be to ask the men in my household, all of whom had no idea.  So it was that I turned to The Art of Manliness who seem to know everything about men's scarves, and particularly that they should be 10 inches wide and 70 inches long. 

Even though my plans to have vertical stripes running through my plain weave scarf didn't work out, I was still quite pleased with the colour choice and overall look and feel of the project.

I also undertook to twist the fringe with this one and although it was a long process by hand, I actually really enjoyed it.  I might just save up for a fringe twister though!

The overall consencus from the males in our household is that the scarf is too wide, and that is why my daughter is modelling it for us here.  I'm wondering if I should use it as a table runner instead?

Happy weaving


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