Sunday, 20 July 2014

Tour de New Zealand (AKA Honeymoon) Beanie

Pin It The first skein of yarn from my 'Tour de Fleece' spinning was earmarked for a colourful beanie for New Zealand.  

It is going to be cold and I have been given a wonderfully warm coat - 3 layers that should keep all the cold wind out.  The only issue is that it is black.  So when my first skein was spinning into something quite colourful, I knew it would make a great contrast to the dependable dark coat.

This hat knitted up comfortably in one evening and not only was it very easy, but it is extraordinarily warm.  I loved it.

The next day was a glorious winter day. Sun shining all morning but a drop in temperature in the afternoon.  Peter had spent a relaxing afternoon in this sunshine reading and when he came inside, I noticed he was wearing my beanie.

"Hey, this is a great hat" he said.
"Thank you", I replied.  "It's my new hat for New Zealand"
"Can I have one?" he said.  "It fits perfectly because it covers my ears and keeps them and the rest of my head really warm"
"OK" I said.  "I'll spin some more wool and make another one".
"umm, actually, I really like this one - It looks like something you would buy from a surf shop.  Can I have this one?" he asked

How could I say no?  

Luckily, it's the tour de fleece so there should be plenty of wool to make another one


M1 - Work to the place where the increase is to be made. Insert the left needle from front to back into the horizontal strand between the two stitches.  Knit the stitch through the back loop.

Using the WPI (wraps per inch), my homespun was somewhere between 8 and 10ply (Dk and worsted weight).

Using a set of 5.5mm DPN's, Cast on 76 stitches. 

Establish a K2, P2 rib pattern and join in the round.
Knit the rib pattern for 10 rows.

Next row:  Knit, increasing 12 stitches evenly around the beanie (88 stitches) using the M1 method.
Continue to knit until the hat measures 17cm from the cast on.  This will make a loose fitting, slouchier beanie.  Reduce this measurement if you want a tighter fit.

Next row:  K8, K2tog to end
Next row:  Knit
Next row:  K7, K2tog to end
Next row:  Knit
Next row:  K6, K2tog to end
Next row:  Knit
Next row:  K5 K2tog to end
Next row:  Knit
Next row:  K4, K2tog to end
Next row:  Knit
Next row:  K3, K2tog to end
Next row:  Knit
Next row:  K2, K2tog to end
Next row:  Knit
Next row:  K1, K2tog to end
Next row:  K2tog to end

Thread a wool needle with the yarn and pull the remaining stitches to close.  Weave in any loose threads from the cast on and the finish and you are ready to go.

Happy Knitting and Spinning,

If you've been inspired to make or wear a beanie and donate funds to brain cancer research, the following organisations would be thrilled to receive your donation:

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  1. Great hat - I love the yarn! Thanks for sharing the pattern.

  2. Such a cute beanie. That is beautiful yarn. I would love to make one in shades of blue. Thank you for linking at the In and Out of the Kitchen Link Party. Hope to see you again next week.

  3. What a beautiful yarn! G'day & happy knitting :)