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Beautiful, fluffy 'Fauxlags'
As a new spinner, any tips that come my way are greatly appreciated and I saw something the other day on Pinterest that I had never even thought or heard about. However, now that I know, it has transformed my spinning.

I saw a pin on Fauxlags and thought what on earth are these?  Well, it is a way of making a smooth combed roving into rolags for ease of spinning.   Certainly a lot easier (although less authentic) than my first attempt.

Test Spin
Previously, I have been separating my tops lengthways into thirds and then separating each piece into half – effectively creating some sort of pencil roving.  When I saw just how easy this method was, I set about transforming my stash of ‘Tour de Fleece’.



Materials - Combed top, smooth rolling pin (eg, PVC pipe)

Step 1.  Quite simply, you smooth out the top and firmly ‘pull’ on it to loosen the strands.  Just enough for you to feel the ‘give’ and for a bit of ease and movement but not enough to separate.

Step 2.  Using your ‘roller’, roll the combed top over the roller once, press firmly on the roller to hold in place and gently break off the roving.  Then slide off for a lovely, fluffy ‘fauxlag’.

I originally used a wooden ravioli roller but the fauxlags would snag on it and in the end, my Dad hit on the idea of some PVC piping we had used for our reticulation.  A good scrub and it was absolutely perfect.  The fauxlags slide off beautifully.

Voila .. a combed top rolag – or fauxlag as it’s known in the business.

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