Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Cluster Crochet Cowl

I've reached the point where I'm determined not to buy anymore yarn until I've made some sort of inroads into using up my yarn stash.  The trunk that I use for storage currently resembles a bomb sight and rather than take everything out to reorganise it, I've figured it might be easier to just grab some yarn every now and again and use it, hopeful that one day it might actually come to the point where it magically looks neat and tidy.  I remain forever the optimist!

On top of the yarn stash this week sat the yarny remnants of a recent loom knit project.  I had about a ball and three quarters of Sidar Denim Ultra, a super chunky yarn that translates to about a 20 ply With such a small amount to work with, I thought a beanie or a cowl were probably my only options clothing wise and finally settled on a cluster design cowl which I thought would work better than a hat, given the thickness of the yarn.

Using a super chunky yarn of your choice and a 12 mm crochet hook

The cluster pattern:

Cl:  Yarn over, (insert hook into required stitch, yarn over, pull up a loop)  repeat three times, yarn over and pull through all seven stitches on hook.  Chain one to close cluster.

The cowl pattern is then:

Chain 45
Row 1:  cl into 3rd chain from hook, skip one chain, cl into next chain, repeat and cluster in last chain
Row 2-7:  Chain 2, turn, cl into space between clusters on previous row and repeat into each space across row.

To complete project:
Twist the length of crochet fabric once and slip stitch the end seams together to form cowl.

This project got a little scary towards the end, the last row was a nervous battle with the yarn looking like it wasn't going to last the distance and me willing it to get to the last cluster in the row.  Eventually we called a truce,  where we managed to end the row with just centimetres of yarn to spare and then sewing up the seam with cotton.  

Sadly, removing a ball and three quarters of yarn from my stash doesn't seem to have made much difference.  I think there might be a long way to go before it reaches neat and tidy status!

Happy crocheting


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  1. I am new to crocheting. Would you please tell me how to make this cowl wider.
    I love this cowl!! Thank you for sharing this beautiful pattern!!

    1. Thanks Crazy D - As the main pattern involves doing a cluster into one stitch and then missing the next, to widen the cowl I would suggest adding chains at the beginning in multiples of two. Best of luck with your project. Deb

    2. Thanks much for your help and your pattern!

    3. Thank you! This is a fantastic pattern, I've made several already. Some of them I joined and then turned at the end of every round so the clusters faced the right way.

    4. Thank you Lisa - so thrilled to hear that you have been using the pattern and I love the idea of turning at the end. Might have to give that one a try myself - Deb

  2. Having a problem following cluster instructions. Can you make the steps clearer? I come up with 5 loops, not 7. I used the US method. Thanks

    1. Hello Joyce. Thank you for your comment. Moogly (http://www.mooglyblog.com/half-and-full-cluster-stitches/) have a great video tutorial on cluster stitches which you may find helpful. They have only repeated twice to get five stitches, but repeating three times will give you seven. Deb


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