Monday, 2 June 2014

You Can't Argue With Science

I was very lucky on Mother's Day to receive a gift voucher from the divine Morris and Sons, a store filled to the brim with yarns, inspirational projects, tapestry, craft items, fabrics and well just about everything a crafty person could wish for.  After a good hour of wandering around gazing longingly at endless shelves of fabulous yarns, I finally decided on some delightful "Clara" from the fine folk at Manos del Uruguay.  As part of the World Fair Trade Organisation, Manos del Uruguay aims to bring opportunities to women in that country and so I felt fantastic walking out of the store with not only my gorgeous yarn, but also knowing that I was helping a wonderful cause.

Now, one of the great things about Morris and Sons is that on their shop counter sits a wool winder, and it wasn't until a week or so later, when I had decided on a project, that I realised I could have saved a whole lot of bother if I had just asked them to wind the yarn while I was at the store.  I have long lamented my family's lack of enthusiasm when it comes to wool winding and my endless frustration at the ensuing knots.  I was complaining about the whole wool winding debacle prior to starting on this wool when my son mentioned that there really was only one constant when it came to wool winding and that was me.  Surely not!  My long suffering husband quipped, "Well, you can't argue with science" and I was left wondering if indeed I really could be the issue here.

This time wool winding duties fell to my daughter, who protested loudly about the fact that she had homework to do.  It fell on deaf ears of course and so we sat down, her full of dread and me hopeful that I would prove my innocence and be able to continue to blame everybody else for their lack of effort when it was really needed.

Things went well at first, there were a few snags along the way. but we managed to get about halfway through the skein before disaster struck.  By this time my daughter had decided enough was enough and being faced with a big loop of knots was not her idea of a fun afternoon and frankly, it's not mine either.

Luckily though, my husband is pretty good at untangling and so he sat down and with much more patience than I'm able to muster, started untangling - he's pretty awesome like that...although I haven't mentioned to him that there's still a whole other skein to go!

I'm still not totally convinced that I'm the culprit here.  This yarn comes with a label that names the artisan who produced the skein, and while the logical part of my brain clearly understands that the artisan in question would in no way deliberately sabotage my yarn, the non-logical part just can't believe that I would be the problem, even though apparently "You can't argue with science" <sigh>

In other news, my husband has decided he might buy me a yarn swift for our wedding anniversary...

Happy wool winding


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