Saturday, 21 June 2014

When you are on a roll ...

I spent yesterday afternoon making what is arguably the worlds easiest quilted table runner - you can view the post here.

I had plenty of '12 Days of Christmas' 2.5" strips left over and was still in the mood to sew so I thought I would make another table runner - you can never have too many.. can you?  

This is especially true at Christmas. Every table need to be festooned with something festive.. Right?


32 - 2.5" Strips of Christmas fabric

Backing fabric and batting measuring 21" x 37"

2" strip of border fabric

14 - 2.5" fabric strips for the binding

Cutting Mat

Rotary Cutter

Bobby Pins

Sew strips together


  • Randomly sew 2 of the 2.5" strips of fabric together.  Try to ensure that you have a red with a green or a dark with a light.  Press towards the dark side.

  • Cut the sewn strips in 2.5" sections.  You will get 4 out of each strip.  Press

    Cut in 2.5" lengths
  • Piece them together to form 4-patch squares.  You will need 32.  This is a great job to chain piece.  Press

  • Once you have 32 squares, lay them out in the final design.  I sew the squares in column 1 to the squares in Column 2  and chain piece all the way down.  I then sew the squares in column 3 to the squares in column 4 and chain piece.

  • Press and then sew Column 1 & 2 squares to column 3 & 4 squares.  Press.

Layout 4-patch squares

  • Now it is just a matter of sewing all the rows together.

  • Add the 2" border

  • Layer the top, batting and backing and get it ready to quilt.  

    Finished quilt top
  • I started in the top left hand corner and followed the diagonal line through the blocks to the edge of the quilt.  I then changed direction and continued quilting in a diagonal manner to the edge of the quilt and continued until I had crosshatched the entire quilt.

  • I then quilted 2 lines in a quarter inch from the border.

  • Sew 14 strips of fabric together (endwise) to form a long binding.  I chose just two designs.  One was red and one was green.  They were both the same design, just a different colour way and this gave a festive, stripey feel to the border.  
Quilting diagonally

  • Attach the binding in the usual manner (sew to the front of the quilt with ride sides facing) and hand-sew the binding at the back of the quilt.
Now I am on a roll - I still have half of my layer cake.  Might be time to make another one .. or two.

Happy Quilting,

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