Monday, 23 June 2014

Summer Colours Crochet Top

Every now and again the extra curriculum days the school puts into the calendar don't quite coincide with my days off from work.  This happened recently when my daughter's school announced a "Correction Day" where no students would be required to attend.   I still haven't quite worked out what a "Correction Day" actually is, but no-one was complaining given it was a day off for students. When the day came, I headed off to work for the morning and left Andie with her older brother who was studying for his university exams.  Knowing she would be quite bored I left behind three balls of wool from my stash and wondered what wonderful creation would be waiting for me upon my return.

The wool is from Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic Range in shades of "Lipstick Rose", "Maize" and "Aster", perfect colours if you're stuck in the middle of a grey Melbourne Winter and are dreaming of warm Summer days and sunshine.

When I came home from work, this is what I found!  The beginnings of a crochet top using Open Checker Stitch (detailed instructions can be found at New Stitch a Day

Andie's pattern is:

Using colour 1, chain 54
*Row 1, Open Checker Stitch
Row 2, Change to colour 2 and continue with Open Checker Stitch
Row 3, Change to colour 3 and continue with Open Checker Stitch*

* to * forms pattern

Continue until desired length is reached.

Back is identical to the front.
To join, sew top edge corners of front and back to form neckline and sew up side seams.

As you can imagine, she's thrilled with the result and can't wait to wear her new top in the coming weeks.  Given it's a tad chilly here at the moment, I imagine it's likely to be worn indoors!

Happy crocheting

Deb and Andie

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