Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Space Invaders

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Happy Quilting
Setting up a craft space is quite exciting. About a year ago when my daughter moved out, I was able to convert her room to a lovely craft room .. albeit that I have had to share it with Peter.  He uses it as his study.  I have noticed though, that throughout the course of the year, he has been using it more and more often as his hours of online University lecturing and marking have increased.  This means that my craft room is really only a craft storage room.  This is fine when it comes to knitting.. it's a portable craft and doesn't take up much space.

Quilting, on the other hand, certainly does.  I had resorted to using the dining room table which meant a quick rearrangement of everything when it came time to eat (and always being eagle-eyed looking for any sign of spillage) and then moving everything back when we had finished.  The dining room always looked a mess and, as we have a large, open plan living space, this meant that the whole house always looked a mess.

The space I have to work with
We looked at moving my craft room upstairs but this room is so unbelievably hot in summer that candles melt.  Wood dries out and warps in this room so I was concerned about what it would do to my machine.  I did however, mull over the feasibility of Bikram quilting - but I couldn't really see it working.

The only other option we had was to bring in another table and set it up next to the dining room.  I initially balked at this.  Nowhere, in any design magazine, does it say to put 2 dining room tables together and it will look good.  I was reluctant to 'spoil' the look of the living room. 
 However, if I wanted to quilt (which I do), I was left with very little choice so this morning, we took the beautiful old oregon table that has been sitting outside and sanded it.

Finally - a bit of TLC
This table has nearly been sold on many occasions as it seemed such a waste to have it outside so I am very pleased that it finally has a use.  It is huge - 6ft - and there are not many spaces that could easily accommodate 2 large dining tables.

Extra 6ft table?  No problems.

I am very surprised at just how easily a very large table fitted into this space and whilst it won't win any design awards, I can now quilt in the knowledge that dinner time spills will not be such a disaster.

Happy Quilting,

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