Saturday, 14 June 2014

Moss Stitch Homespun Capelet

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One of the fabulous things about having a sister who can spin is that every now and then some of the homespun makes its way into my yarn stash. Admittedly, the homespun was passed onto me to weave with, but so far has come no where near my loom and everywhere near my knitting needles.  My last project with Louise's yarn was a bright and colourful cowl and this time, once again I looked at the yarn and couldn't help but think it would prefer to be knitted rather than woven.

Moss stitch, or seed stitch as it is also known, is very simple and this little capelet is really just a  rectangle of knitting so there is absolutely no shaping involved.  In other words, it's the perfect pattern for beginners.

Using 12mm needles and thick homespun or purchased yarn of your choice, 

Moss stitch pattern
Row one:  Knit 1, Purl 1 continue to end of row
Repeat this row for pattern

Petite Adult
Cast on 25 stitches
Work 110 rows Moss St (or until work measures approx 92cm/36 inches)
Cast off

Small - Medium Adult

Cast on 29 stitches
Work 120 rows Moss St (or until work measure approx 102cm/40 inches)
Cast off

The capelet is finished off in this instance with an antique style diamonte brooch, however depending on your choice of yarn this style would be equally at home with a wooden or ceramic style brooch.

Happy Knitting


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  1. This is very pretty - love the color of yarn. I like knitting or crocheting simple projects in the summer - although this summer I seem to be doing more difficult ones that take longer.

    1. Thanks Kimberlee - I tend to alternate between simple projects and more complex projects. Sometimes I think it depends on the weather, other times it depends on my mood :-)

  2. Gorgeous work! I love the color and the stitch! Thanks for sharing! Would love to have you visit my blog sometime :)
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

    1. Thanks Ana - love your blog and your latest project and seaside pictures are just gorgeous. Thanks for visiting.

  3. For a large adult, would I cast on 33 stitches and work for 130 rows?