Saturday, 28 June 2014

Lone Star

Finished Lone Star Quilt using 'Josephine' Jelly roll.
I am well and truly hooked on quilting (and knitting and spinning - the list goes on) but I am struggling with just how hard it is to achieve a good quilt.  I gave up on perfection - my temper is too short - but I just can't seem to achieve an all round good quilt.  Either the piecing is OK and I mess up the quilting or the quilting is OK but the piecing wasn't so good.  It can be frustrating!  I'm sure I'm not alone there -- am I?  

In times of crisis, I turn to Craftsy and try to gain some knowledge through their courses.  I love them and have learned so much but nothing helps more than hands on practice.

Practicing my perfect points

I did Kimberley Einmos ' Magical Jelly Rolls' and she showed me how to make a lone star. It hardly used up any of the jelly roll (Josephine by Moda Fabrics) so I made 4.

Then I did Leah Day's 'Free Motion Fillers' to help me with the machine quilting.  I think I have mastered stipple stitch - but I can't be too sure.

Getting the hang of stipple stitch
Then I moved onto Jenny Doan's 'Quilting Quickly' and picked up a multitude of good ideas and I am currently watching Ann Peterson's 'Beyond Basic Machine Quilting' .. this is after watching 'Quilting Big Quilts on Small machines'.  

There can be no doubt that I have done my homework.  I just can't remember it being this difficult when Deb and I were quilting 15 or so years ago.  Admittedly, we hand quilted and admittedly I am using a new machine that I am still getting used to. 

Still, I persevere in the quest for a quilt with no puckers, perfect points, straight borders and even quilting.

My Mum was visiting and I dejectedly showed her the progress of my Lone Star quilt and she said it was lovely.  "But look" I said as I pointed out every flaw I had made.  She looked non-plussed and said it still looked lovely and that she would love to have it.     Mums are good like that aren't they?  So I finished it off, much happier with the progress and very pleased that it was going to a good home.

Happy Quilting,

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  1. Lovely quilt! I really like your placement of the colors in the stars which gives more dimension and movement to each star.

    1. Thanks Suzan. It really was a labour of love but the end result was worth it. ..


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