Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Sew Cosy

I am very familiar with 'stashes'.  The size of my wool stash is really quite ridiculous and that, coupled with all my spinning paraphernalia means that I have a very large set of shelves that fill a whole wall that is devoted to wool and all things woolly.  This leaves very little space for my fast accumulating fabric stash. 

I currently have 3 quilt tops ready to put together and quilt, another one that just requires a binding and 6 layer cakes (plus one in the post .. oops) that need to find a home. Last weekend, I thought I should try and use some left over 5inch squares to make something and came across a sewing machine cosy.  The dimensions were too small for my machine and rather than try to alter it, I thought I would make one for Deb.  If it turns out, then I should might be able to adjust it to fit my machine.

The pattern can be found here.  It is by 'Sew Delicious' and perfect for a very quick project/gift.

The 'Natures Harvest' fabric patches

The simplest of quilting
The pattern came together startlingly quickly.  
Before I knew it, I was ready to start quilting.  I just followed what Ros had done with hers and it came together beautifully.  

Deb had sent through the measurements of her machine and I felt that this pattern may have been a bit short so I added a 2inch strip at the bottom.  I cut a 4inch strip and then ironed it in half and attached it in the usual way.

I made a mistake miscalculation on the binding at the bottom.  I cut it too short when I had sewn it on.  As luck would have it, my new 'binding tool' arrived from the Missouri Star Quilt Company and fortunately, it worked a treat and the binding went on without a hitch the second time.

Overall, this was a very simple project and I think a must-have for all machines out there.

Happy Quilting,

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Ready to add the sides and binding

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