Friday, 23 May 2014

It's a Bobbin Winder

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When you are the third of five children, you get very used to hand-me-down items.  It's amusing to look back and think how exciting it was to get new clothes with an actual label and price tag attached.  My own children have also suffered from secondhanditis I'm afraid.  My sons are only two years apart and while I still very much try not to purchase too many items new, my second child would be very happy if he never, ever had to wear an item of his brother's ever again!

Despite all of this, when Louise visited us late last year and brought with her my wonderfully restored weaving loom, amongst all the reeds, stick shuttles and other weaving paraphernalia was packed away a Quill Spindle.  Dad had made it for her earlier in the year, and she no longer needed it because he then made Louise a gorgeous, proper grown up Spinning Wheel.


In between all of the weaving (and eating and laughing) that went on that visit, Louise took some time to teach my daughter how to spin and so it was that I just assumed the Quill Spindle was for spinning....that was until I started my weaving course.


The course I'm doing is through correspondence with BB Yarn and amongst the list of pre-requisite items was a boat shuttle for the loom.  I had until now been using the long stick shuttles that dad had made and all they require is hand wrapping the yarn around the stick.  Boat shuttles require a bit more of an investment otherwise I'd be stuck hand winding bobbins, which seems like a pretty laborious job to me!  

I looked at bobbin winders on the internet and had the sudden realisation that if the bobbin could fit on the Quill Spindle, I could be saving myself a lot of cash and/or time and this beautifully handcrafted item would be put to very good use.  Of course it wasn't until I went back and had a look at Louise's original blog post that I realised it was actually designed to be a bobbin winder/quill spindle in the first place.

My bobbins and boat shuttle have recently arrived in the post, the bobbins fit perfectly and I don't think I shall ever complain about hand-me-downs again!

Happy weaving 


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