Friday, 9 May 2014

Hand Woven Tea Towels

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On the face of it, weaving looks like it should be quite simple.  It's really just a case of stringing some threads together in one direction and then weaving yarn in the other direction to make a fabric...simple??   With every project I've done on my loom, I've come to the realisation that while I'm learning an amazing amount, I'm also learning that I have a lot more to learn and these tea towels are a case in point. 

I had purchased some wonderful bargain priced mill ends over the interweb and thought a set of tea towels in cream and blue would be lovely, in a cottage kitchen/handmade sort of way.  The threading for the warp is:

30 threads cream
10 threads blue
100 threads cream
10 threads blue
30 threads cream.

Even putting the warp onto the frame and threading everything is becoming much easier and less time consuming

But, then came the problem of tension.  I absolutely loved this fabric and thought it would be perfect for a summer's not great for tea towels though as I'm quite certain absorbency might be an issue!

Things gradually improved and it all started coming together really well until the warp threads started breaking.  It was just one at first, but by the end of the second tea towel there were about three more, but by then my patience was wearing thin and I decided that it was best to cut my losses and move on. 

And that is the story of how my three tea towels became one.  Tension ruined the first and my increasing feeling of tenseness ruined the last.  I'm quite pleased with the middle tea towel though!

Happy weaving 


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