Saturday, 26 April 2014

Nearly Cooked my Goose

'Andie's Snow Geese' quilt
I purchased a beautiful jelly roll from the Fabric Patch.  It was 'Snowbird' by Laundry Basket Quilts from Moda.  I instantly knew it had to be in the traditional Flying Geese pattern and I was going to call it 'Snow Geese'.  It would be lovely - I thought.

It all came together in the end but not before a few hours of perfecting my seam ripping techniques and a very close call with tears a number of times.

It all started with the bias.  I had so much 'wiggle room' that it made free motion quilting very difficult for a beginner.  
The back of the quilt kept me going..

First run-through of the pattern

Everytime I felt like giving up in despair, I would turn the quilt over.  It looked so lovely on the back that it kept me inspired to keep going.  So I sewed, then I un-sewed, and then I sewed and eventually, finally it came together.

I made 36 blocks with each block consisting of 3 flying geese sets and 2 half square triangles with an extra 'goose unit' at each end.  In hindsight, I think some of my issues actually started with the pressing.  I realised that I am ironing when I should have just been pressing.

Things I learned along the way......

  • A beautiful machine and gorgeous fabrics can bring you to tears in all the wrong way.
  • Cheap thread will give you cheap results.
  • A small break for a cup of tea can save your sanity (and those around you)
  • I know why Geese have a reputation for being ornery and testy.
  • There is always the hope that the next quilt will be perfect.
When Peter and I were in Melbourne for Christmas, we bought our niece a blue bean-bag to lounge in on the hardwood floors.  I thought this quilt would be perfect to keep her warm now that the cooler months are coming.  

Deb and I used to joke around if we were unsure about how something looked.  We would turn our back, then quickly turn around and very, very quickly look at it and then turn back.  If it passed the 'casual glance' test, then it was OK.  This quilt passed so it's on it's way to Melbourne.

Happy Birthday Andie .. xx

Happy Quilting .. seriously.

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