Monday, 28 April 2014

Hip Crochet

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Remember when knitting and crochet were really, really uncool?  I'm so thrilled that it's no longer the case and we can all go about our crafty activities without fear of judgement!  It has however been brought to my notice recently , that there are some in my household (make that one older teen in particular) that don't subscribe to the modern ways of crafting and under no circumstances will contemplate wearing a handmade jumper, that I was perfectly willing to make to an upcoming themed event.  Perhaps it's time to set him straight on how hip handmade can be!

I don't have a huge collection of craft books, but I was delighted to receive a gift of "Hip Crochet" by Natalie Clegg.  The perfect present for someone who's trying to convince a wayward family member that making things with yarn is actually pretty awesome.  

The book contains a 25 accessory/homeware projects for all levels of expertise and  I've decided it's a fabulous way to use up some of the yarn given to me by my mother who brought a whole bag with her on the long trip from Perth to Melbourne.

At the moment, I'm crocheting a large cache pot, which I'm thinking of finishing with a gold coin, Indian style trim.  The book gives plenty of ideas for embellishment and making the projects your own, so is really quite inspiring and a pleasure to read.

I think my next project is probably going to be the crochet bunting.  While I'm painfully aware this isn't likely to convince an 18 year old male that crochet is hip, it might impress his younger sister...and I think for now that's just going to have to do.

Happy Crocheting


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