Friday, 18 April 2014

Eggy Dyeing

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It's not often that someone comes for lunch and brings two dozen hard boiled eggs, but today our family get together for Good Friday was coupled with some egg dyeing.  We were at the Prahan Markets last weekend and came across a stall with some wonderfully coloured eggs and Julia, our sister who lives here in Melbourne, picked up a couple of sachets with the thought it would keep the younger kids occupied while our fish pie was baking in the oven.

The dye colours are red and green and we could tell from the moment we mixed the solution that we really didn't want to get this stuff on our clothes - the depth of colour is amazing and so we were thankful for aprons and did everything we could not to get it on our hands (it's perfectly edible, but green or red fingers are not ideal!)

Little hands spent a considerable amount of time drawing on the eggs with wax crayons, wrapping rubber bands and gluing on leaves with egg white to see which would give the best effect when dipped in the dye.  We thought the rubber bands were best, but it didn't stop us trying everything we knew, just to see what happened. We cracked some of the eggs so that we could take the shell off to see pretty patterns and we even melted candle wax on to one, which was pretty effective too.

Once the eggs had been dipped in the dye for a few minutes we dried them on some paper towel on a foil wrapped tray.

...and then we had an edible, and somewhat festive centrepiece for our lunch.

Happy Easter 


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