Friday, 21 March 2014

Vintage Shell Wrap

The thing about buying yarn when it is on sale is that sometimes you can't get the colours you'd normally use.  When I was in Spotlight recently and came across some bargain priced Panda "Riverdale", the fact that it was only available in Chili Peppers, Lilac Quartz, Java and Silver (which actually translates to orange, lilac, brown and grey) did not deter me from picking up 20 balls and being thrilled that it only cost me $20.  Now you may or may not have noticed that I never, ever, ever make things in shades of brown and orange, but it was $20 after all and I just can't resist a bargain.  At the risk of having my new purchase languish in the yarn stash for eternity, I thought it best to get started on a project before my enthusiasm waned.

Given the somewhat Vintage colour scheme, and you'll notice I ended up leaving out the lilac - no matter how I tried I just couldn't get it to work for me, I thought I'd try a vintage crochet stitch and after a bit of experimentation decided on rows of shell stitch.  The pattern I used is available at Free Vintage Crochet and to be honest I had no idea what I was making when I started to crochet and it wasn't until I'd done quite a few rows that I thought it would make a wonderful figure 8 wrap/infinity scarf.

The pattern for the wrap is as follows:

Using yarn colour 1, Chain 266 stitches and follow the shell pattern as given at Free Vintage Crochet  - the video is very helpful if you get stuck.  My wrap was 44 shells long, however you can do more or less depending on your sizing.  44 chains fits my almost 13 year old petite daughter very well and this particular yarn, which is 60% cotton, 40% acrylic has little stretch.  Turn work to begin row 1.

Row 1.  Work row in yarn colour 1 as per vintage crochet pattern.

Row 2 and 3 .  Change to colour 2, work rows as per shell stitch pattern

Row 4 and 5.  Change to colour 3, work rows as per shell stitch pattern

Repeat colour pattern until work reaches desired width.  My wrap was a total of 16 rows

To sew:  Place work in a figure 8 pattern as shown and and sew ends together.

This was a really simple and quick project in the end and has ended up being a very versatile wardrobe addition.  I love it as a figure 8 wrap, but I can see it been worn often as an infinity scarf.

Happy crocheting


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