Monday, 10 March 2014

Mohair: A study in kindness

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Not long ago, I received a message through Facebook from a friend saying that she had some mohair yarn to give a way and would I be interested.  Of course I very promptly replied that I was and not soon afterwards I was collecting a bag of 20 balls of beautiful vintage mohair yarn in the most divine pale blue with shades of lilac.  Thank you Bronwyn!!

Now thinking that I would scour the Internet for patterns that used this particular yarn, I was lucky enough to come across a couple from that era I thought I'd share.

Firstly, let us consider this twisted braided feature  - less was not more it seems!

Secondly, this is my personal favourite and one that I like to call the "Frilled Neck Lizard".  I have always looked back on 80's fashion with a wonderful sense of nostalgia, but now I'm thinking that perhaps nostalgia should be replaced with horror!

Ultimately my first project with the mohair has been much less outrageous structured and I have chosen a simple scarf on large needles, mainly to see how it knitted.  I've been looking at the larger needles for a while now and have even been at a craft market where they were selling for $90.00 a pair.  It's a price I can't justify no matter which way I look at it, but I was more than happy to compromise on a pair of bamboo 20mm needles from Lincraft for the princely sum of $6.00.

Mohair isn't the easiest medium to knit with, but on the larger needles it's a dream.  I simply cast on 22 and then continued in stocking/stockinette stitch until I thought the ideal length had been reached.  I finished mine at approx 165cm/65 inches.  Cast off and weave in ends.

I'm loving this scarf, the bulk of the mohair is very much at ease with the larger stitches and it's going to be perfect when the weather is a little cooler (which isn't today, it's 32 degrees Celsius!!)

Happy Knitting


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  1. Hmmm I see what you mean about nostalgia....loving the scarf - looks so fluffy, soft, cuddly and simply elegant :)

    1. Thanks so much Crochet Hooks, I'm sure I'll enjoy it more when the weather cools down!

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  3. Love this scarf - and fondly remember 80's patterns too!

    Please could I ask how much yarn you used for this length mohair scarf?

    Many thanks, Rosamund x