Monday, 31 March 2014

Coasting along with Free Motion Quilting

Pin It For about 3 weeks now (the same amount of time that I have had my new machine), our dinner time has become a routine of sitting at the table with all my quilting stuff pushed to one end of the table with the 3 of us squashed together eating at the other. 

Everyone is tripping over the sewing machine cord and bumping into the ironing board which is now permanently left set up next to the table.  It is creating chaos in our dining area - but I'm as happy as a lark.  

Once dinner is finished and the dishes done, I just move everything back to the centre of the table and I'm ready to go.

I have a few practice pieces of quilting on the go .. I do a dummy-run of the design that is in my head before I go anywhere near the quilt.  It's quite nerve wracking to put the first machine stitches into a quilt top that you have spent not only hours making, but hours designing in your head.

I thought that I would use these practice pieces to make something and the idea of drinks coasters came to me when Peter made me an after dinner cup of tea and put it on the table next to me .. and it left a white heat mark.

I simply traced around a coaster that I had, to make 4 squares - each with a bit of the design and, just like a mini quilt, made a binding and voila! drinks coasters.

I did try to do a fancy stitch around the edging but in the end, the binding gave the neatest finish.

Happy quilting,

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